In June of 2000, Alpha and Omega Outreach (AOO), “An Outreach to the Community of Youth”, was founded and established by a mother and daughter team, Wanda and Brittney Officer. In its early stages the meetings were held at their home in Chattanooga, TN. During its tenure at that location, more than 68 youths attended, with 5 decisions for Christ. As the ministry and vision continued to evolve, so did the structure.

In June of 2002, Alpha and Omega Outreach, Inc. received its 501 (c) 3 federally-recognized non-profit status.

As participation increased, space became limited at the original location. The organization sought a larger space and was granted a meeting place in the community where many of the participants lived. The City of Chattanooga, Parks and Recreational Department, opened its doors for their meetings at two of their sites, Carver Recreational Center and The Glenwood Community Center.

After several years of operating in Chattanooga, in June, 2006, the ministry started its second location in Atlanta, GA. The meetings at the second location are held at the home of the founder and co-founder’s sister/aunt. The Atlanta location has served more than 35 youths and has resulted in 4 decisions for Christ.

As we continue to serve youths in both of these diverse areas, dedication to our founding objectives is as strong as when AOO was first conceived and established: We remain steadfastly committed to mentor youths from single-parent families and to enhance the development of the mind, spirit and body with our faith-based approach.